James and Helen Whitworth are caregiver survivors. Speaking from a caregiver point of view, they bring you well researched information illustrated by personal experiences. Although Helen has a medical background, neither she nor James claims medical authority.

James began his journey as caregiver for Annie, hist first wife. After she died in 2003, he made it is mission to increase LBD awareness co-founding the Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA) and becoming its first president.

Authors: James and Helen Whitworth

"I tried to tell the doctors about symptoms that didn't match Alzheimer's and DID match what I'd researched about LBD but they said "Never heard of it" and ignored me." ... James Whitworth, excerpt from live seminars.

" I learned that family care-giving is about so much more that the physical aspects. I became my loved one's connection to the rest of the world, the advocate with the medical community and their main source of emotional support." ... Helen Whitworth, excerpt from her blog, The Lewy Body Rollercoaster

After James and Helen met and married, she also became active with the Lewy Body Dementia Association and was voted 2007 LBDA Volunteer of the Year. Since then she has put her skills to use in support of the The Whitworth's of Arizona, with the goal of spreading LBD awareness and knowledge, while supporting caregivers and providing them with alternative ways to deal with this difficult disease.

"We have a great partnership. Jim has the mission and I have the writing and educational skills to move it forward."… Helen Whitworth, excerpt from www.LBDtools.com.

Helen's career as a nurse and educator exposed her to the medical side of care-giving. When her first husband was diagnosed with cancer, she experienced care-giving from a family point of view. After he passed away, she retired and spent the next five successive years as caregiver for three more family members including a sister with Parkinson's.

The couple resides in an active 55+ community in Arizona, where they write, research and travel to speak at seminars

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